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Fishing Guide Service

on Grand Lake, Oklahoma

for White Sand Bass, Catfish and Spoonbill

          Beautiful Grand Lake O' (Over) the Cherokees was created by the WPA in 1940 with the completion of the Pensacola Dam on the Grand (or Neosho)

River.  The Pensacola Dam is now on the National Register of Historic Places and is managed by the Grand River Dam Authority,  with approximately

60, 000 acres of water spanning a distance of 60 miles in length, with 1300 miles of shoreline, fishing is in abundance.

         White bass, this sporty little fish, rarely gets above three pounds, but a two pounder will test your tackle.   Blue Catfish, one of the best fish to eat,

 can be caught year round with the best rod and reel fishing being in the fall and winter.    Spoonbill, a prehistoric fish, is one of Grand Lake's main

 attractions for fishermen, with fish in the 35 to 70 pound range as an average.

Grand Lake, Grove Oklahoma


White Bass           Catfish             Spoonbill


Ray and Sharon Austin

are your guides.

       A man who loves to fish and hunt never gives up, this is your guide Ray Austin.  He has been fishing since he was old enough to hitch a ride on his fathers shoulders and carry the rods and reels while they went to their favorite fishing hole. Nothing seems to stop Ray, even his hunting accident couldn't do it. This tradition of going fishing, as a very little tike, has been passed on from father to son for generations. What 's the best way to spend quality time with your family, FISHING  (fun, relaxation and time together).

       Sharon also loves to fish.  She completes the guiding team by assisting the customers on the boat with all your fishing needs.  

    Ray and Sharon live in Belle Vista, Arkansas, but Grand Lake, Grove, Oklahoma is where their favorite fishing hole is for white sand bass, catfish and paddlefish spoonbill.   She is well experienced with each and every type of fish and everything that goes along with your fishing trip.

    Ray and Sharon can accommodate the disabled like no other guide. Ray has been disabled from a hunting accident since 1992. They have a customized wheelchair lift on the boat trailer that allows for safe and easy transfers. They understand special needs and will do everything possible to accommodate our special customers.

     Ray is an associate guide with Dempsey's Fishing Guide Service who is the number 1 fishing guide on Grand Lake.  For more information check out their web site at

     Come join us for a fun and productive fishing trip.  We are family oriented but can accommodate corporate trips.



The Boat

2006 Pro Gator Bay Boat - 24' 10"

with a 2006 225 HP Suzuki Motor

all for your comfort, safety, speed and room for the disabled.

Your Guide Furnishes You Need to Bring
Pro Gator Bay Boat Valid OK Fishing License
Gas & Oil Warm clothing/rain gear
Drinks (Non-alcoholic) Camera for the memories
Cleaning of the catch Ice chest for the catch
Bait & Tackle You & Your friends
A Great Fishing Trip Urge to Have a good time
(click on photo to enlarge)
              Our trips average 4 to 6 hours.
              We are out on the lake to have a good time and catch fish.
              White Sand Bass or Catfish fishing -
                     1 to 2 person Trip $300, $100 each additional person
              Spoonbill -
                     1 to 2 person trip $300, $125 each additional person

Daily & Size limit on Grand Lake  

Channel and/or Blue Catfish - 15 combined, no minimum size limit

Flathead Catfish - 10, 20" minimum

White Bass - 20 of which only 5 may be 20" or longer

Spoonbill - 1, no minimum size limit         



     Oklahoma License Fees

 Non-Resident - Annual - $55.00         

 Non-Resident - 6 Day - $35.00

 Resident - Annual - $25.00

 Resident - 2 Day - $15.00

 Resident - Youth (16 & 17 yr. old) - $5.00

 Non-Resident & Resident - Legacy Permit - $5.00

Get your fishing license on line at


When is the BEST Month to Catch which Fish Type?  Here's a general Rule to go by:

Catfish all year long, Biggest Blue Catfish March, November & December

Spoonbill November though April

White Sand Bass all year long


Oh, How we love fishing!!!

 Austin's Fishing Adventures